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Can strike anywhere.  You never know when/where you will fall victim…  

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Eine kugel banane eis in der waffel.

Whew, I think I said that right.  Translation: A scoop of banana ice cream in the cone….loosely.  Anyway, here is Quinnifer enjoying a little treat at the mall today. While we’re on the topic of ice cream I should mention it’s really popular here.  I mean, duh right?  Who doesn’t like ice cream?  But back […]

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Board books are sooo boring…

Like most kids her age, Quinn LOVES books.  In fact, “reading” by herself is one of the things she does to stay entertained while I make lunch or clean up around the house.  That and throwing things in the toilet.  You know, both equally entertaining. She often takes her books to a large floor cushion we […]

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What's with the toilet obsession?

Um, Quinn seems to be quite fascinated with the toilet these days.  Which would be awesome- if it involved sitting on it and you know, actually using it for its intended purpose.  No, her interest lies in tossing in objects and then having me fetch them out.  Ewww.  Seriously Quinn?  In the last day alone, […]

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Best. Shoes. Ever.

I’m not really a pink person.  I don’t think I own one article of pink clothing.  It was never even a thought to incorporate pink into my wedding colors.  I don’t get all giddy over shades of rose and bubble-gum hues.  BUT these are the best shoes ever.  Period. My parents gave these to Quinn […]

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