Brussels continued…Grand Place and Christmas market

So, where did we leave off??  Ah, yes, I think it was with the chocolate elephant.  So continuing right along; We visited the Grand Place (French) or the Grote Markt (Dutch term) a few times during our stay because it was close and well…just so darn pretty!  It is the town square basically of Brussels and the buildings are AMAZING.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  They hold events there throughout the year but mostly people just walk around and enjoy the beautiful architecture, decadent scent of chocolate and perhaps a Belgian beer on one of the lovely patios.

Here are some pictures of Grand Place during the day:

Setup had begun for the Christmas season

The amount of detail is unreal

I think this was my favorite it

And at night it was so incredible.  I mean really just absolutely stunning.  There was a Christmas light show projected onto the buildings which I took video of because it was seriously just so magical.  I’m not sure my pictures adequately convey how pretty this really was but hopefully you get some little sense of it.

Beginning of light show; Yes that's Joe's head, I'm not a photograper people!

More light show

My favorite building again

There is so much I couldn’t capture!  Like I completely forgot to take pics of the huge nativity scene…Doh!  The light show encompassed multiple buildings and was set to music…pictures just can’t accurately portray what it was like.  But, you will just have to take my word for how awesome it was.

This is probably true of the Christmas market as well.  It was beautiful, charming, cozy…everything that would make you want to stay out all night despite freezing temperatures.  Again, my pictures don’t do it justice.

Okay so a bit blurrry, but this was on the way walking to the Christmas market

Getting closer...approaching the Christmas market

The little wood "cabins" on the right are some of the vendors for the market

Ice Rink

Not sure why no one is skating....hmmm

The food at this market was out of this world.  The smells…intoxicating.  I mean, it was unbelievable.  It was absolutely freezing (don’t worry, Quinnie was bundled appropriately and when I got her back to the hotel and peeled off all of the layers she was quite toasty in fact), though no one seemed to mind.  People were milling about sipping on hot beverages, smiling, laughing, simply enjoying the night.  The feeling of merriment was so thick in the air you felt you could almost reach out and grab it.  Stick it in your pocket and take it home.  Really it was just wonderful.  All the little booths had their various goods for sale, ranging from Christmas related things, to food items, to toys and everything else imaginable.  I wished several times that night that I could transport my family and friends there to experience it with me.  You will all just have to visit!!!

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  1. jen
    Posted December 2, 2010 at 1:26 pm | Permalink

    Like you said before, the trend in Europe seems to be….who cares what the weather is like! Let’s go outside! While we, in Cleveland, scoff at the cold and run for the indoors! Why is that???

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