Catch up…

Awe man.  I hate playing catch up.  But here I am, months behind on this blog.  To be fair, it’s been a cah-razy summer.  An awesome, crazy, whirlwind of a summer, with visits from a good friend of Joe’s, my parents, a good friend of mine, and my brother.  And trips to : Munich, Strasbourg, Amsterdam, and various nearby cities in Germany.  We are just now taking a breath.  And washing the guest bedroom sheets.  Just kidding- we washed them in between guests.  I think.

There is just too too much to catch up on right now.  I need time to upload and organize photos, do laundry, and make sure my refrigerator isn’t holding any dairy products that could come from an episode of Hoarders.  I know!  Food hoarding actually exists.   For now I will just leave you with a few miscellaneous photos of, as my brother referred to her, The Deutschland Diva.  Best nickname ever.

Quinn’s version of ‘jumping rope’.

Notice the sweater vest in…oh, July.

“Mom, aren’t you TOTALLY stoked that we found these awesome silver sparkle shoes for a total steal at H&M??!! They definitely are the perfect compliment to my cheetah print cardi and black/white spotted capris!”

Give me your best ‘there went my Dora backpack’ face.  Okay okay, that’s what really happened here.  Quinn couldn’t believe someone else, gasp, could own a Dora backpack and not her.

“But Mooooom, that’s so not fair.”

“Let me just sit here and ponder this cruel world I live in.”

I swear she orders the chocolate to spite me.  She must hear me silently chanting “not the chocolate, not the chocolate.”

The very rare purple feline of Germany.


I’ll be back soon with lots more updates and recounts/photos from the summer.

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