Bamberg Part 2

While in Bamberg we also made a point of visiting the Altenburg Castle.  Apparently this castle was first mentioned in 1109 (dang, that’s old) and was not used really as a primary residence, but rather as a safe haven for locals during dangerous times as well as an outlook point and for protection of the city.  I can defiinitely attest to the view from atop- you could see EVERYTHING around.  But you earn that view.    On our way to see the Altenburg, Joe and I had to alternate pushing the stroller.  Commitment people; that’s what it takes to see castles.

On our way up to the castle...a little clearing with a pretty view.


walking into the main courtyard area of the castle


After our long trek up to see the Altenburg, we needed, refreshment.


long stretch in main courtyard



overlooking the city


Nearby town on the other side


And again...

view of countryside from another area of main castle level



We sprung for the extra Euro and entered into the overlook tower to get an even higher view.  Yes the stairs were narrow and very twisty.  But the view was amazing.  It was difficult to take pictures from the highest level because it was all enclosed.  There is no outside space like there is below and also all the windows at the top were somehow barred or protected.  Pictures from the highest point would have been fantastic.  Instead, I had to settle for these:

Tower from the outside.


Looking down onto part of the main structure.


And out over the city.

There are always lots of nooks and crannies in these castles.  On the way through the main entrance into the courtyard we passed a little chapel.   There were bars blocking the entrance to it, so it was a bit tough to get a picture, but the inside was so bright and un-castley (official term).


Chairs in the chapel

Chapel altar

Bamberg wasn’t a place that was really on my list to visit.  I never had really thought about it, but I’m so glad we were able to spend a few days there.  It was a beautiful small city, easy to walk around, and a nice break from the routine!



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