Bamberg Part 1

Recently we snuck away for a couple of days to spend some time in Bamberg, Germany.  This is in the Bavaria region about 2 hours away (unless you end up stuck in a completely obnoxious re-route intended to SAVE YOU TIME but instead leaving you driving in circles to get around some construction that obviously was not accounted for in the new route.  Then it takes a little over three hours.)

Sometimes it is nice just to be somewhere different for a few days… somewhere with fresh scenery, new shops and restaurants to explore.  Despite some lingering cool weather, Bamberg was a delightful change of pace for us and a great place to sort of unwind for a bit.  We tasted Franconian fare, which is prevalent in that region as well as rauchbier (smoked beer), a specialty of Bamberg not found in all areas of Germany.

Here are some pictures from our first day in Bamberg.  We stayed fairly close to our hotel and walked around mostly the old city and a few areas along the river Regnitz.

Quinn taking pictures of a statue...shhh, don't tell her it's just the charger for the actual camera.

Quinn's photographic subject.

Fountain just outside of the Old City.


On our walk through town...


Joe and Quinn outside what was an ADORABLE'll have to take my word for it.


Buildings along the river.


Another view; this picture doesn't accurately show how crooked some of these buildings are. Some of them looked like they were leaning right over the water!


Interesting to note that the stretch of houses along the river in the background is called "Little Venice".


Another view of the blue building along the water...very pretty close up.

Side of the Bamberg Rathaus, which is town hall.

Up next, part two: our trip to Altenburg Castle!



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