Birthday/ Halloween recap; in other words….October

You guys know me by now.  Always a day late and a dollar short.  Or months behind on blog updates.  Yup- it’s who I am, I own it.  Anyway, I wanted to just quickly post a few pics of Quinn’s birthday party and Halloween costume.

On Quinn’s official birthday we opened presents in the morning.  This year she did more than just play with the ribbon on the package.  Which was awesome.  She pretty much refuses to look at the camera so I basically have no pictures of her face, but here are a few pics of her on her big day:

Presents from Mom and Dad- minus the tricycle she got two days earlier.


Wow- this looks cool.

new Elmo book and video...

What's it gonna be?! Looks like something good!



New sticker/coloring books


Pink tricycle!


Fair is fair...even Elmo gets a turn


Birthday ice cream!


Having your birthday ice cream is SERIOUS business.


Dig in girl.

This year we did have a birthday party for Quinn.  Remember last year??  Poor girl turned one year old and had a frozen birthday cake (and I don’t mean of the ice cream variety) and only her mom, dad, and landlord to share it with.  Due to limitations imposed by our house size we kept the party fairly small and invited mostly just neighborhood friends.  Quinn was still napping when the first guests arrived which made me a bit nervous about how she would fare with more people showing up and kids running for all her toys.  Aside from refusing to wear her leopard print cardigan (whatever Quinn- some girls would love to have one of those!), she was total gem.  Kids played, adults chatted, and everyone had cake.  Thank goodness for our neighbors who actually took some pictures because Joe and I completely overlooked that little detail.  Most of these are courtesy of our friends.


Just like a real host...laughing with her guests.


The cake- well, Quinn's part of the cake. We served cupcakes too.


Some of the party guests...the edible ones

Who doesn't love cupcakes?


Quinn loved picking off all the fondant letters and numbers.


Some of the other kids joining in...


Elmo cake was a hit!


Quinn opening up one of her gifts-a Mickey Mouse teapot set


This turned out to be a cleaning set- another big hit of the day!


Okay, onto Halloween.  This holiday is a bit different over here.  Some people do celebrate it, but it’s much less common.  Kids definitely aren’t dressing up and doing parties at school etc.  Certain neighborhoods will have trick or treaters, but again it’s not the norm.  All of this also means there aren’t endless costume options in the stores either.  Pretty much you can be a witch or a witch with pink hair.  Since I wasn’t on the ball enough to order a costume from the States and have it shipped over here in time (which is what pretty much everyone else did) I went with what we had on hand.  We went to a party hosted by the American Women’s Club which was a lot of fun and Quinn made an adorable Pippi Longstocking.

Pippi complete with her companion Mr. Nilsson.


Pippi in deep thought. Or silencing her mother. Hard to tell.


HipPip Hooray...

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, Quinn’s braids would stick straight out- literally.  They were too perfect.  But, as Halloween continued to draw near the braids settled, I guess because they grew a bit longer and therefore began ‘hanging’ a bit more rather than appearing to defy gravity.  And you just can’t imagine how badly I wanted to spray her hair red/orange.  I mean EVERYTHING in me was dying to drape a towel around her in the bathroom and go to town.  But, I got nervous.  I even googled “spray color on toddler’s hair” and similar things to see if I was being totally ridiculous.  Explaining to people why my two year old had pink hair just didn’t sound like something I was up for, so I opted for a blonder Pippi.  Seriously, the things we contemplate as parents.  Now, I think it’s funny that I even thought to color my kid’s hair… I mean, I’m sure the day will come soon enough when it will be her idea.  And I will be doing everything in my power to keep her in her natural color in tact.  Ah, irony.

Hard to believe this was over a month ago and we are already approaching Christmas!  Where does the time go?!









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