Okay seriously…this is getting old

I’m still stewing about losing the majority of my last post I was working on.  Super annoying.  I really want to finish sharing about our adventures this *cough* summer.  Seriously, day light savings time has ended…we need to move on.  So, this time it’s for real people.  I’m wrapping up this ongoing, ever-living, just.won’t.die post on my sister’s visit.  For good.  And if it’s gets deleted in the process, well, then some of it will just have to go missing.  So fingers crossed- here we go!

Of course we had to spend a day in Heidelberg.  It’s the obligatory day-trip when visitors come.  And despite already being there a few times, I don’t seem to grow sick of it.  The quaint town, and views from the castle just don’t get old.

Yeah, Heidelberg isn't ugly.


Front of building in the courtyard of Schloss Heidelberg

She's a math teacher people...she had to have a picture of the huge compass.


Another view of the town and the River Neckar that runs through Heidelberg.

Looking down the River Neckar.


On the bridge over the Neckar.

View of the castle from down below by the river.


View through one of many little alleyways...the towns here are like English muffins- lots of nooks and crannies.

Quinn with her billionth ice cream cone of summer...Katie suggested we make an album entirely of Quinn with her ice cream- not a bad idea.

On to Zurich- Katie actually flew home from Zurich, Switzerland- giving us the chance to spend a weekend somewhere new and explore a bit.  Zurich is awesome.  Beautiful.  And expensive.  Like super duper blow your mind expensive.  We’ll just focus on the awesome and beautiful aspects.

downtown Zurich


Side street in the city

Lake Zurich

More of the lake.


It was a 'touch' overcast while we were there, but beautiful nonetheless.

Cute little village, town, neighborhood? nestled alongside the water.


Just one more shot of the lake and some of the town behind it.

Walking through the town at night...part of the famous Grossmuenster church lit up in the background.

Katie and Quinn on the street train...Quinn thinks she's so cool riding in her own seat.


More of Quinn looking like a big shot.

More water views with St. Peter Church to the left.

I just now noticed the clouds in this picture...we did have a bit of rain come to think of it.

Fraumuenster Cathedral to the right...


This laundry was hanging in the middle of town...we just couldn't quite figure out how the owners got it out there and back. No visible pulley system....hmmmm...


Loved these bright chairs and umbrellas at a little restaurant/cafe in town.


Shutters + flower boxes = adorable. Now that's math.

Cathedral again


And more of the Grossmuenster church. Breathtaking building really.

I’m too lazy (especially after losing my initial post) to go into detail about what all we did or to explain the sites etc.  Instead here are a couple links if you’re interested in knowing more.  I will say one weekend was not enough (duh.) and I will need to go back.  The city is beautiful, clean, runs on time (ha!  no, but seriously) and worth seeing if you ever have the chance.





Katie and I by the water. Loved this place!


Just a one other little pic from the time Katie was with us, just because I think this is funny:

Quinn on the front steps eating peas...you know, every toddler's go-to snack.

Okay, phew.  I think we’ve wrapped up Katie’s visit from  July and August.  Wow, that’s all I can say.  This might actually work and be published into one remaining post….yay.

So, coming up I want to share just a few snippets from our trip home in August, a brilliant business plan (at least here in Germany) and a bit from Quinn’s second birthday and Halloween.  Keep plugging away Rachael, keep plugging away.  Check back soon for more updates!










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  1. Danielle
    Posted November 11, 2011 at 10:56 pm | Permalink

    Quinn is seriously a mini-you. I cannot believe how long her hair has gotten!

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