London…it’s a wrap.

Okay, so let’s see….hmmm, we were in London in July?  Yes, that’s right.  And it’s October and I’m still blogging about it?  Also, correct.  Good.  Moving on, let’s wrap it up now.

Our third day in London was probably our favorite.  Right Katie?  I think probably this had to do with the fact that we had the least expectations for that day.  We had sort of shopped ourselves silly on Friday, and were ready for a slower-paced day.  I think we agreed that we could leave London not having seen every sight up close and wanted to spend a day just out and about in the city.  Once again, my friend came through with her recommendations, suggesting a few different markets and such that would be fun to check out.  We picked one that we knew was open on Saturday and was nearby.  It was pretty spectacular.  Made me sort of wish we were staying in more of an apartment type accommodation vs. a standard hotel room.  I would have loved to have been selecting ingredients for a fun dish to make that evening.  It was mostly a food and wine type market with lots of little specialty foods and fresh produce and meats etc.  There was also plenty of ready to eat food being sold so people were milling about snacking and shopping and simply enjoying the day.  After taking a stroll through the market and making my imaginary shopping list, Katie and I landed right at the front door of a quaint English pub.  Like I mentioned before the weather the weekend we were there was AMAZING.  Like perfect.  And so on this particular Saturday, the market was bustling and the Pub was also quite busy- bursting at the seams actually with lots of people standing outside, even overflowing into the street enjoying a nice draft and the sunshine.  We sort of couldn’t resist so we ordered a beer and stood outside also-  just soaking it all in.

Then we moseyed on to find a bite to eat at a restaurant on the river.  We sat outside overlooking the water eating burgers and discussing our options for the rest of the day.  We decided to explore just a bit and found another little pub with a great atmosphere and plenty of people doing the same thing.  It turned out being such a fun day for us, but partly because we didn’t put any pressure on ourselves to be at the next place by a certain time etc.  We weren’t hurried.  We weren’t over-scheduled.  We were just out for a day to enjoy hanging out and being in London.

**Again, it’s depressing how few of my own pictures I took.  Like seriously depressing.**

On our way to the the London Bridge

more bridge action

Um, not the best shot. This was at the tail end of the market. And I was having a hard time taking pictures over and around people.


Loved the flowers.

And yeah, more of the flowers. Doesn't this just make you want to learn how to arrange bouquets properly?!

We happened across this little place on our wonderings...figured we needed to snap a pic.


We needed the standard "enjoying a beer in London" shot, so here is me....

And Katie. Isn't she cute?

So, London was awesome.  Aaaand, that’s a wrap.







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  1. Danielle
    Posted October 22, 2011 at 4:30 am | Permalink

    Hey, I’m STILL scrapbooking my wedding…..from November….of 2006! Your pictures are great! Again, looks like you ladies had a fabulous time. And girl, you look AMAZING! xoxo

    • Rachael
      Posted October 26, 2011 at 11:52 am | Permalink

      Awe, thanks Danielle! My wedding doesn’t stand a chance at this point, haha!!

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