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One of the (many) awesome things that happened during my sister’s visit was that we had a girls’ weekend in London.  Yeah, it didn’t suck.  It was one of those things that came together and I realized how lucky I am for several reasons: 1.) I live in proximity to lots of wonderful cities, making […]

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Idstein…Take Two.

Ahem.  Where was I??  Before I was so rudely interrupted by the deletion of most of my post, I was showing you Idstein.  You guys, this town was seriously so adorable.  Like, people get to live here? adorable.  Anyway, continuing on…             Okay, so hopefully these pictures give you some sense […]

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Going back…way back

Gosh where do I even begin?!  So, let’s see…last I left you, I mean really left you, it was July and my parents had left and my sister was about to arrive.  Wow- a lot has happened since then.  First I should just say that as jam-packed as July and August were, it was wonderful.  I […]

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