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Good Friday

We have been very blessed to have wonderful neighbors all around us.  From the families living right next door, to the friendly people across the street, to the neighbors one building over, we have met lots of great people who we are getting to know better as time goes by.  On Good Friday some neighbors […]

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Pieces and parts…a recap of sorts

I realize I’ve let a little time go since I blogged.  How and why could this happen!?  Haha-well, turns out life is getting pretty full around here.  So, I thought I’d give you a little rundown of what’s been going on.  This is a pretty random hodge-podge of what has happened as of late. *This […]

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Best. Shoes. Ever.

I’m not really a pink person.  I don’t think I own one article of pink clothing.  It was never even a thought to incorporate pink into my wedding colors.  I don’t get all giddy over shades of rose and bubble-gum hues.  BUT these are the best shoes ever.  Period. My parents gave these to Quinn […]

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My buddy and me

Today was gray.  And rainy.  And difficult to keep Quinn happy;  you know, we couldn’t take 45 walks to see the dogs and the birds and “talk” to strangers.  Injustice. The weather lately has been mostly spring-like in all the good ways: warm(ish), sunny, and seemingly full of promise as blooms make their way out […]

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