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We're in kilograms and centimeters baby!

“How will I find a pediatrician?!?”  These were some of the first words I uttered after learning about our relocation to Germany.  At the time we first heard the news  Quinn was just a young infant.  The pediatrician is an instrumental character in your life at that point.  I think every (well, almost) new parent, […]

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Dumb idea

I have mentioned before that closets don’t really exist here.  At least not the built in, don’t cut into the space of your room kind.  You pretty much have to buy a wardrobe or a schrank as they call it to house your clothes, shoes, and anything else you don’t want on display.  Most of […]

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To market to market…

To buy a fat hog.  Just kidding.  NO hogs were purchased.  We did however take a lovely walk through town yesterday which included going to the local outdoor market.  On Saturdays there is a small market set up in town with lots of different produce and fresh meats and cheeses available.  There are also flowers, […]

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Home…soon to be sweet home

Okay friends, many of you have been curious about our new place.  Due to our prolonged time without internet I found myself very behind on uploading photos.  I found some pictures I took right before moving in that I can share with you.  Nothing fancy, but at least you will get a sense for where […]

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