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It goes without saying that kids grow fast.  Time flies.  One day you’re bringing them home from the hospital, the next day you’re googling “how to get ink off of the walls without stripping the paint and owing a small fortune when we move out of this place due to the super strict rental contract”. […]

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Defense…a letter from Quinn

In response to some of the bad publicity I’ve been getting lately (e.g. drawing on the walls and shredding the toilet paper; thanks Mom for going public with those) I wanted to submit my own version of things.  I am a delightful 16 month old who provides much joy on a daily basis.  Yes, I […]

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Edwina Scissorhands

Out of my eyesight for a mere 30 seconds and here is what I found:

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Pinwheels and playgrounds

We’ve actually been having some rather decent weather here lately.  Perhaps I’m easy to please in this department after spending nearly 10 years in Cleveland where winters can beat you down like a red-headed step child.   Forty-five degrees in my opinion is balmy, and when it reached 50ish degrees, well I practically felt like […]

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She's an arteest…

We’ve got a real Leonardo on our hands folks.  Her first masterpiece is a BE-YOOT. She’s just starting out you know, but for now her favorite mediums to work with are pen and wall.  Aren’t we lucky?  

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  And yes…that is a table lamp on our dining table.  We still don’t have a ceiling light.  Don’t judge.

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I forgot to mention that the town we settled on for our time in Germany is Oberursel.  It is near Frankfurt, about 20 minutes from where we were staying prior.  I visited this town when my friend Kim was here back in September and loved it then.  I posted about it here.  In case any […]

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The move

Okay, so you all know by now we have moved.  Finally.  We are in the process still of getting all settled and organized here (pictures to come) but I thought I would make a little timeline showing what all has taken place the last few weeks.  Let’s see how well my memory is working, it […]

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Christmas Recap

Yeah, Christmas was awhile ago.  I know.  But, since this blog serves as my own little “journal” and record of events I’m getting too old to remember on my own, I need to at least put something down about Christmas.  And the weeks (okay, month/s) since Christmas have just been plain crazy.  So this is […]

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Wow….three weeks without internet. That felt like an eternity. The good news is we’re back up and running- I think. And we are getting settled into our new house. There is so much to share, going all the way back to Christmas! Wow, does anyone even remember December anymore?? Anyway, this is just a little […]

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