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Happy Halloween!!

Halloween isn’t really big over here.  Go figure.  I guess other countries don’t encourage their kids to go knocking on other people’s doors asking for handouts.  Party poopers.   So we didn’t dress Quinn up in a costume persay but she did have a cute outfit to wear today thanks to Grammy. It was a […]

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Give me the real deal…

Recently Quinn has entered the phase of “Don’t cut that up into baby size pieces for me.  Pah-lease!  Give me the the real deal.  The whole enchilada por favor.”  Here area couple pics of her dining “big girl style”. Somehow she looks so innocent doesn’t she??      

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Mail from Grammy!

Quinn got another package from St. Louis this week…some Halloween goodies from Grammy!  This girl is starting to really get the hang of opening mail.  Here are some pics: Thanks Grammy for the cute Halloween gift!

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Who wants to try haxe?

Who out there knows what haxe is? So Joe and I had been told about this dish during our very first week in Germany.  We were told it is delicious, a favorite item in these parts.  In fact someone told us it was their absolute favorite thing they’d eaten while living abroad.  Hmmm, that is […]

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Special Delivery!

Today Quinn received a package from St. Louis!  Her birthday presents from Grammy, and all her Aunts/Uncles and cousins arrived.  She had a blast opening her gifts and I had fun looking at all the adorable outfits we, er…I mean she got. Okay so here’s a preview of some of Quinn’s new threads.  We just […]

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Hallo, ich bin Rachael.

Our first German lesson was tonight.  And after two hours I learned how to say “I am Rachael”.  Promising, I know.  So yeah, this foreign language thing is hard!  I am dreaming about my high school Spanish class.  Even my college Spanish class with the Venezuelan professor who wouldn’t speak ANY English.  At all.  Ever. […]

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Missing home…

So, we all knew it was inevitable.  There would be homesickness.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going overboard or anything.  I am loving Germany and lots of aspects of our new life here.  BUT, there are things I’m starting to miss from back home too.  Obviously family and friends, you top the list.  Here […]

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Tomatoes beware…

One fairly recent discovery of ours is that Quinn LOVES tomatoes.  I mean, she really loves them.  Whilst preparing her breakfast this is what happened to a nearby tomato (not intended to be part of her breakfast mind you).

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McDonalds in Deutchland

So today we ate at McDonalds of all places.  In our defense we were borderline desperate.  We were driving around another neighborhood near Heidelberg checking things out and Quinn needed out of the car…stat.  McDonalds happened to just be there; it was a right time and right place kind of equation.  Anyway you know you’re […]

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Smart car humor

So, what is bright red, very small, and outside of my apartment daily?  Any guesses?? **************************************** ********************************* ************************** ******************* ************* ******** ***** ** The answer is actually: Bonsai Ferrari Okay, so there was a bit of a glare when I was taking these pics, BUT isn’t this funny?!  Both sides and the rear bumper are […]

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