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Visiting Oberursel

So, as you can probably imagine, deciding where to live in a new country can be quite a daunting task.  Right now we are in temporary housing in Frankfurt until our things arrive from the USA.  I was quite opposed to this initially, wanting instead to just have a place to settle into and get […]

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On a mission to see a castle…

So as you all know my good friend Kim was visiting me all last week.  In fact, she just left yesterday morning.  Boo!  She was an excellent companion during her stay with us and really helped foster the spirit of exploring our new surroundings.  So, on Saturday we took a drive south to Heidelberg.  As […]

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Trying to find the Sachsenhausen…

So, as I mentioned earlier, my friend Kim has been visiting since Tuesday.  She arrived exactly one week after Joe, Quinn, and I did and she has been a great sport in  helping us explore our new surroundings.  One area I had heard about was the Sachsenhausen-an area along the riverbank near many of the museums […]

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Fun in Frankfurt

Okay, so no time for a real post, but how cute is this??  I must give credit to my friend Kim for taking this adorable picture!  My dear friend from waaaayy back (longer than I care to admit) arrived on Tuesday and we’ve been having a wonderful time.  We’ve got more pictures to post and […]

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If you want to find me, I'll be at the backerei.

        So, because of their prevalence and simplicity in ordering (just pointing and nodding will do) we’ve already gotten into a little habit of stopping into the bakery quite often.  In fact, I’m certain these little goodies have become a favorite of Quinn’s.  I’m just hoping she hasn’t totally forgotten about broccoli. […]

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Welcome to the neighborhood…

So I thought I should quickly share just a couple pics of where we are living.  This is just our temporary place until we find a permanent home in the next couple months.  And here is what the parking looks like on the side street by our place.  Thankfully we have a parking spot in […]

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More wienerschnitzel please

So our time so far in Frankfurt has been a whirlwind!  On Thursday evening Joe’s cousin Todd was in town from Vienna and we met him for dinner.  Then yesterday Joe’s dad and uncle arrived from St. Louis to spend time in Frankfurt before heading to Munich and then to Vienna for a visit.  We […]

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Let them eat cake!

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Quinn has a snack…German style

So one interesting aspect of life in an unfamiliar country is: well, you pretty much guess about what you’re feeding your kid!  I purchased some food items for Quinn and basically went on the assumption that the pictures on the packaging told a pretty accurate story about what was inside.  Does that contradict the whole […]

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Night one down….ready for more.

So, it is about 3 a.m. here in Germany. But, as you might expect, my body has not adjusted to the time change yet. So, here I am typing away when I should be SLEEPING. With that in mind, I’ll keep this short and sweet. Yesterday was a little rough truth be told.  Arriving here […]

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