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As American as…blueberry cookies.

Happy Fourth of July…a day late!  Not exactly celebrated here, understandably so I guess.  Over the last few days I sort of sadly (and almost stupidly, I mean duh) came to the realization that Fourth of July would come and go here without much fanfare.  And while I did take time out to think about […]

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Eine kugel banane eis in der waffel.

Whew, I think I said that right.  Translation: A scoop of banana ice cream in the cone….loosely.  Anyway, here is Quinnifer enjoying a little treat at the mall today. While we’re on the topic of ice cream I should mention it’s really popular here.  I mean, duh right?  Who doesn’t like ice cream?  But back […]

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It gets me every time…

I’ve gotten used to lots of things over here.  And I don’t mean “Oh, feel sorry for me.  It’s been such an adjustment”…blah, blah, blah.  No, just literally, you adjust because you have to.  Life goes on.  You figure things out, you do things a new way, and pretty soon you forget how it used […]

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Give me the real deal…

Recently Quinn has entered the phase of “Don’t cut that up into baby size pieces for me.  Pah-lease!  Give me the the real deal.  The whole enchilada por favor.”  Here area couple pics of her dining “big girl style”. Somehow she looks so innocent doesn’t she??      

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Who wants to try haxe?

Who out there knows what haxe is? So Joe and I had been told about this dish during our very first week in Germany.  We were told it is delicious, a favorite item in these parts.  In fact someone told us it was their absolute favorite thing they’d eaten while living abroad.  Hmmm, that is […]

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Tomatoes beware…

One fairly recent discovery of ours is that Quinn LOVES tomatoes.  I mean, she really loves them.  Whilst preparing her breakfast this is what happened to a nearby tomato (not intended to be part of her breakfast mind you).

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McDonalds in Deutchland

So today we ate at McDonalds of all places.  In our defense we were borderline desperate.  We were driving around another neighborhood near Heidelberg checking things out and Quinn needed out of the car…stat.  McDonalds happened to just be there; it was a right time and right place kind of equation.  Anyway you know you’re […]

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Dinner at Zum Rad

So I’m still catching up on all that took place while my friend Kim was visiting.  While at a meeting for an expatriate women’s club that I will be joining (yes, I drug Kim to that as well) I met a wonderful German woman named Moni.  She was so kind and as Kim and I […]

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On a mission to see a castle…

So as you all know my good friend Kim was visiting me all last week.  In fact, she just left yesterday morning.  Boo!  She was an excellent companion during her stay with us and really helped foster the spirit of exploring our new surroundings.  So, on Saturday we took a drive south to Heidelberg.  As […]

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If you want to find me, I'll be at the backerei.

        So, because of their prevalence and simplicity in ordering (just pointing and nodding will do) we’ve already gotten into a little habit of stopping into the bakery quite often.  In fact, I’m certain these little goodies have become a favorite of Quinn’s.  I’m just hoping she hasn’t totally forgotten about broccoli. […]

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