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Weekend adventure

Making it to Gummersbach, Germany has been on our ‘to do’ list since moving here.  Seeing the town from where your last name originates is a must do.  Never mind that our American way of saying the name is barely understood here.  Or that Quinn thinks our last name is just Bach.  Yes, better to […]

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London…it’s a wrap.

Okay, so let’s see….hmmm, we were in London in July?  Yes, that’s right.  And it’s October and I’m still blogging about it?  Also, correct.  Good.  Moving on, let’s wrap it up now. Our third day in London was probably our favorite.  Right Katie?  I think probably this had to do with the fact that we […]

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One of the (many) awesome things that happened during my sister’s visit was that we had a girls’ weekend in London.  Yeah, it didn’t suck.  It was one of those things that came together and I realized how lucky I am for several reasons: 1.) I live in proximity to lots of wonderful cities, making […]

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To market to market…

To buy a fat hog.  Just kidding.  NO hogs were purchased.  We did however take a lovely walk through town yesterday which included going to the local outdoor market.  On Saturdays there is a small market set up in town with lots of different produce and fresh meats and cheeses available.  There are also flowers, […]

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Sporty Spice goes to the zoo

This weekend we took Quinn to the Frankfurt zoo!  Our German instructor was nice enough to offer to meet us there and teach us what some of the different animals were called.  Once again we tackled the train system to get there, which felt awesome.  And I should also mention that the weather was amazing. […]

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We visited Wiesbaden this past weekend.  It’s a town about 30 minutes from where we are now in Frankfurt which we actually have been to before, but we went again to do some more exploring.  It’s on the list of potential towns to look for a permanent home in so we wanted to spend some […]

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Happy Halloween!!

Halloween isn’t really big over here.  Go figure.  I guess other countries don’t encourage their kids to go knocking on other people’s doors asking for handouts.  Party poopers.   So we didn’t dress Quinn up in a costume persay but she did have a cute outfit to wear today thanks to Grammy. It was a […]

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McDonalds in Deutchland

So today we ate at McDonalds of all places.  In our defense we were borderline desperate.  We were driving around another neighborhood near Heidelberg checking things out and Quinn needed out of the car…stat.  McDonalds happened to just be there; it was a right time and right place kind of equation.  Anyway you know you’re […]

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Visiting Mainz

Seeing as we are still on a quest to find a place to permanently settle into, that and our social calendars aren’t exactly brimming full these days; we decided to spend yesterday in Mainz.  The city actually has a pretty interesting history which I won’t go into too much detail about.  I mean you people […]

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On a mission to see a castle…

So as you all know my good friend Kim was visiting me all last week.  In fact, she just left yesterday morning.  Boo!  She was an excellent companion during her stay with us and really helped foster the spirit of exploring our new surroundings.  So, on Saturday we took a drive south to Heidelberg.  As […]

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