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Who wants to try haxe?

Who out there knows what haxe is? So Joe and I had been told about this dish during our very first week in Germany.  We were told it is delicious, a favorite item in these parts.  In fact someone told us it was their absolute favorite thing they’d eaten while living abroad.  Hmmm, that is […]

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McDonalds in Deutchland

So today we ate at McDonalds of all places.  In our defense we were borderline desperate.  We were driving around another neighborhood near Heidelberg checking things out and Quinn needed out of the car…stat.  McDonalds happened to just be there; it was a right time and right place kind of equation.  Anyway you know you’re […]

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Dinner at Zum Rad

So I’m still catching up on all that took place while my friend Kim was visiting.  While at a meeting for an expatriate women’s club that I will be joining (yes, I drug Kim to that as well) I met a wonderful German woman named Moni.  She was so kind and as Kim and I […]

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