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Easter and such…

This year we had a great Easter.  Quinn actually grasped the concept of the Easter Bunny and for a week or two leading up to the holiday we had a bit of leverage using the old “The Easter Bunny is listening/watching”.  Brilliant.  Amazingly, this persuaded her in several instances to listen better to Mommy and […]

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Have a holly jolly Christmas…

Nothing says Christmas like getting your picture taken with Santa.  And who on earth is jollier than St. Nick?  So, it should stand to reason that pictures with Santa Claus should be a happy event.  One reflecting joy, and excitement towards the upcoming holiday.   Or this:     So that was fun.  So yes, […]

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Christmas market

Christmas is big here.  By the end of November Christmas markets are popping up throughout the country and in several neighboring countries as well (last year we went to one in Brussels, Belgium).  All the major cities have them, usually lasting for several weeks up through the holiday and sometimes into the New Year.  In […]

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Birthday/ Halloween recap; in other words….October

You guys know me by now.  Always a day late and a dollar short.  Or months behind on blog updates.  Yup- it’s who I am, I own it.  Anyway, I wanted to just quickly post a few pics of Quinn’s birthday party and Halloween costume. On Quinn’s official birthday we opened presents in the morning. […]

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She is two.

I’m breaking with the London/summer recap “series” to celebrate Quinn.  Today she turned two.  At 6:19 this morning technically, which it occurred to me is about her average wake-up time every day.  I love re-living that day.  Thinking about the indescribable excitement as we drove to the hospital, the immeasurable joy in seeing her for […]

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Christmas Recap

Yeah, Christmas was awhile ago.  I know.  But, since this blog serves as my own little “journal” and record of events I’m getting too old to remember on my own, I need to at least put something down about Christmas.  And the weeks (okay, month/s) since Christmas have just been plain crazy.  So this is […]

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There's no place like home for the holidays….

I think I have always thought being home with family was important. But this year, “there’s no place like home for the holidays” couldn’t ring any truer for me.  We leave TOMORROW  to head back to the States to spend time with our families for Christmas and New Year’s and well…let’s just say I am […]

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Giving Thanks…clearing out the clutter.

I’m a tad late with this….I mean Thanksgiving was three days ago.  But, let’s view this as the season for Thanksgiving and then I’m good to go right? This year I had a lot to think about when it came to giving thanks.  That’s not to say I don’t think about this regularly- I do. […]

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Happy Halloween!!

Halloween isn’t really big over here.  Go figure.  I guess other countries don’t encourage their kids to go knocking on other people’s doors asking for handouts.  Party poopers.   So we didn’t dress Quinn up in a costume persay but she did have a cute outfit to wear today thanks to Grammy. It was a […]

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Mail from Grammy!

Quinn got another package from St. Louis this week…some Halloween goodies from Grammy!  This girl is starting to really get the hang of opening mail.  Here are some pics: Thanks Grammy for the cute Halloween gift!

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