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Hey you entrepreneurs…

I might have stumbled across something brilliant.  First let me give you the back story on how I came across this idea. I finally found a place to get my hair done.  It took me about 10 months.  Which, you know, is both a long time and a short time depending on how you’re counting, what […]

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Okay seriously…this is getting old

I’m still stewing about losing the majority of my last post I was working on.  Super annoying.  I really want to finish sharing about our adventures this *cough* summer.  Seriously, day light savings time has ended…we need to move on.  So, this time it’s for real people.  I’m wrapping up this ongoing, ever-living, just.won’t.die post […]

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Going back…way back

Gosh where do I even begin?!  So, let’s see…last I left you, I mean really left you, it was July and my parents had left and my sister was about to arrive.  Wow- a lot has happened since then.  First I should just say that as jam-packed as July and August were, it was wonderful.  I […]

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Baby got lag….

Yes, that is to the beat of Sir Mix-a-Lot.  That’s what lack of sleep does to you.  It makes you CRAZY.  We are just back from the U.S. and until Quinn figures out we’re not on Central time anymore, we must all bow to her schedule. It’s been so long!  How is everybody?  I’ve got […]

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There's no place like home for the holidays….

I think I have always thought being home with family was important. But this year, “there’s no place like home for the holidays” couldn’t ring any truer for me.  We leave TOMORROW  to head back to the States to spend time with our families for Christmas and New Year’s and well…let’s just say I am […]

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Two is better than one!

Since I posted “This is how I roll” the fascination with hats has grown.  Daily in the last week Quinn has found one of her hats and “asked” to have help putting it on.  (These fitted winter caps are still a little hard for her to manage by herself.)  Today she already had a hat […]

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